Solenoid Valves


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Main features

  • Bubble tight shut off
  • Suitable for vacuum up to 10(-6) torr
  • Vibration resistant up to 9g
  • Mounts in any position
  • Suitable for high speed cycling up to 1000 cycles/min
  • Has a life of more than ten million cycles
  • Manual override optionally provide

ROTEX offers a range of solenoid valves and air operated valves, which can handle almost any fluid in situations with extremely low or high temperatures and in a huge variety of pressures (vacuum included). The valves are used in control and automation applications.

The range consists of direct acting solenoid valves, internal pilot operated valves, poppet style, seat style, diaphragm style or spool style valves. The products are used in factory automation, in process control applications, in safe or hazardous areas (flameproof or intrinsic safe). Some types are certified to be SIL-3 capable. ROTEX solenoid valves are constructed to the highest standards and show a reliable performance in the harshest environments or in critical applications. ROTEX has a wide range of products that fully meet your requirements and we strive to offer the techno-economical best solution.

ROTEX assures to serve you with products selected or developed to work in your application, and we continue to design and develop new product variations to meet customer specific demands.