Pulse Jet Valves

Special features

Low Air Consumption

  • Provides a more effective (high force) and efficient (low air consumption) cleaning of the filter by
    • Shorter response time
    • Larger flow
    • Higher peak pressure
    • Special geometry of diaphragm and seat

Main features

  • Versions with solenoid or for remote control
  • Sizes ¾” – to 3” (DN 28 – DN 80)
  • Hytrel® diaphragm for longer life
  • Larger exhaust area protected with silencer to reduce noise
  • Larger sizes with double diaphragm for larger flow
  • Very short ON and OFF response
  • High flow factor
  • Unique profile of the diaphragm eliminates spring
  • Epoxy coated aluminum body
  • Profiled seat to avoid dust/particle trapping while closing
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Life > 10 million cycles
  • Valve can be mounted in any position
  • Full stainless steel version available
  • Solenoid capable of turning 360°
  • Large selection of solenoids (a.o. Ex-d) available
  • Version with VITON® diaphragm and seals available

ROTEX offers a wide range of pulse jet valves for application on dust collectors to clean the bag filters.

In almost any industry bag filters are used to clean emission fumes, gas or air flows. The ROTEX pulse jet valves are known to give a very good performance in all sorts of industries and under all circumstances.