DRV – Heavy Duty Pneumatic and Hydraulic Rack & Pinion Actuator (female shaft)


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Special features

Zero Backlash Rack Guide

DRV zero backlash

  • Rack guiding system installed with ball bearings
  • Eccentric pin provides adjustment to rack backlash
  • Can achieve up to zero backlash
  • Long life adjustments can be made

Pinion Bearings

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  •  Pinion mounted on rigid ball bearings
  • Very low friction improves stick slip resistance
  • Stem of the valve is protected with side thrust

Main features

  • Unique rack and pinion construction for constant torque output
  • 830 Nm to 260.0000 Nm
  • Cylinder bore hard chrome plated, pinion electroless nickel-plated, external surface epoxy painted for high corrosion resistance
  • Pinion is supported on ball bearings.
  • Unique rack supporting system and flexi-arm allow for lowest mechanical friction.
  • Backlash on rack can be eliminated fully by eccentric support bearings.
  • Additional lubrication is not necessary
  • Life tested to more than 1 million cycles
  • Easily convertible from single to double acting and vice versa
  • Version for 120° or 180° angle-of-rotation can be designed

ROTEX heavy duty actuators are engineered to provide the longest possible service life under the most severe circumstances. ROTEX actuators are designed to give best performance in all situations. Internal friction is kept at the lowest which gives the actuators the highest efficiency. The epoxy coating (available in multiple colors) gives high resistance against corrosion.

ROTEX heavy duty actuators can be found all around the world in demanding applications, both on- and offshore.