DRS – Heavy Duty Scotch Yoke, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuator


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Special features

Yoke Pin Thrust Bearing

yoke pin thrust bearing

  • The carrier is well guided on the support rod
  • Case hardened steel of the yoke thrust pin is strong for consistent transmission of the force
  • Grease nipple for lubrication
  • Larger intervals between scheduled maintenance

Dual Yoke Bearings


  • The yoke is supported on life time lubricated ball bearings
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Provides 98% of the torque transmission
  • Wear and tear of the yoke is reduced due to the right alignment and support provided by the bearings

Low Friction X Seal


  • The X seal provides the flexibility in sealing
  • Due to additional linear bearings the tie rod is not under wear and tear
  • The X seal provides extremely low friction and a long life

Main features

  • Scotch yoke construction, pneumatic (air or gas) or hydraulic driven actuator
  • Heavy duty and high performance execution
  • Output torques from 55 Nm to 600.000 Nm
  • Dual Needle Roller bearings on all rotation points provide for the most efficient torque transmission.
  • X and V seals and internal hard-chrome plated cylinder-barrel for low wear and tear.
  • All linear movements are supported by large solid bearings for better alignment and smooth operation.
  • The actuator can easily be converted to fail open from fail close, by interchanging the spring and pneumatic modules
  • The spring is well caged in the cartridge form and can easily be checked visually
  • Unit with internal tie-rods for smooth exterior without dirt traps.
  • Extra heavy duty travel adjustment bolts can withstand high impact and are easy to adjust
  • The optional hydraulic manual override is integrated inside the actuator.

ROTEX heavy duty actuators are engineered to provide the longest possible service life under the most severe circumstances. ROTEX actuators are designed to give best performance in all situations. Internal friction is kept at the lowest which gives the actuators the highest efficiency. The three-layer polyurethane protection (available in multiple colors) gives best corrosion resistance.

ROTEX heavy duty actuators can be found all around the world in demanding applications, both on- and offshore.