Angle Seat Valves



CE keurmerk klein

Special features

Floating Plug


  • Floating plug for longer life

Smooth Profile


  • Smooth profile with lower bend for higher flow

Longer Sleeve


  • Longer sleeve accommodating large number of gland packings for better leak tightness and longer life, avoiding metal to metal contact

Main features

  • Can be easily converted from NC to NO or double acting to single acting
  • Suited for in areas in which contamination due to exhaust air and sedimentation is not desired
  • Aluminum hard anodized piston
  • Corrosion resistive glass filled nylon operator
  • Brass inserts for operator port connections
  • Higher number of gland packings at valve and operator end for longer life
  • Operator with threaded/NAMUR ports
  • Lubricated pilot air not necessary
  • Wetted parts: CF3M (SS 316L cast)
  • Lives up to 10 million cycles
  • Fast acting up to 1000 cycles per hour
  • Piston shaft well supported by rigid non-metallic linear bearings avoiding metal to metal contact
  • Specially designed body with lower bends for higher flow
  • Burnished piston shaft
  • Ideally suited for vacuum service
  • Modular design

ROTEX Angle Seat Valves are a versitile, high cycle and long lasting valve useful in many industries. Typical application include air drying equipment, autoclave, bottling and dispensing equipment, chemical and petrochemical industries, coolant control for machine tool, fuel, ink and paint dispensing, industrial compressor, laundry equipment, nuclear energy, pollution control equipment, process control application, power generation, paper and pulp industries, psa plants, pharmaceutical, steam, sterilizer, textile dyeing and drying.